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Rhythm Rolling Pin

We partnered with RISD student Lu Xu to design these beautiful tapered rolling pins, an update to the classic French style. Lu uses local maple and walnut to create a beautiful pattern of contrasting hardwoods that hold a dusting of flour exceptionally well and don't transfer warmth from your hands, helping avoid sticky dough. The tapered design can be easily pivoted if you’re going after a perfectly round pastry while the long center is helpful for flatbreads and pizzas! You can read more about Lu, his approach to design, and inspirations at The H&H Dispatch or a review of our rolling pin by professional food stylist and blogger Tara Teaspoon.

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A Beautiful Contrast




Reviews & Feedback

Tara J.

Baker extraordinaire, Tara Jensen ( @Bakerhands), is a big fan of the Rhythm Rolling Pin: "We're digging the @hugoandhoby rhythm rolling pin to get that final shape on this mornings croissants."


    "This piece is a work of art. Hang it on your wall or roll out pizza dough."


      "Already the envy of my food-focused family with my new beautiful rolling pin. Proud owner of some H&H magic.”

        Tara T.

        "Like all really good wood rolling pins, the Rhythm Rolling Pin holds flour (not too much, not too little) in the grain, so dough doesn’t stick." Read the full review here from professional baker, Tara Teaspoon.


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