Jim Beam Distilling Co.

Who: Jim Beam  Distilling Co.

Where: Clermont, KY

What: Distillery tables, outdoor furniture, tasting trays, and bars

When: October, 2021

Summary: Hugo & Hoby collaborated with Workflow Interiors, LOVE, and Bergmeyer to design and fabricate the custom furniture for Jim Beam's fully revamped 400 acre distillery campus in Clermont Kentucky. The 100+ custom tables, benches, and planters throughout the space featured reclaimed hardwoods salvaged from Jim Beam distilleries throughout Kentucky. Hugo & Hoby also built custom upholstered banquettes, all of the outdoor teak furniture for one of the buildings, custom wooden planters, tile top tables, and custom tasting bars. In addition, Hugo & Hoby made all of the custom oak and steel tasting trays that customers use on a daily basis to try the various bourbons from the distillery. We're proud that we were able to fabricate all of the designs in close proximity Kentucky using mostly salvaged and reclaimed materials - which helped tell an amazing story for an incredibly well-respected brand in a stunning new space.