Jekyll Island Club Resort: Paradise Found

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Who: Jekyll Island Club Resort: Wharf Restaurant

Where: Jekyll Island, GA

What: Historic Georgia Landmark Hotel

When: May 2017

Summary: Beautiful, aged thick pine tables for refined travelers savoring fresh local seafood and stunning water views at the Wharf Restaurant. Vacation at its finest.


Set on the stunning private island, sits Jekyll Island Club Resort. For almost 150 years, the property has been one of the most beautiful and exclusive clubs in our country. At this club, J.P. Morgan used to look out over the water, The Federal Reserve was formed in a secret meeting, and the first transcontinental phone call was made. The club has been enjoyed over the centuries by vacationers enjoying the splendor of the club's private setting.

As the resort gets renovated to prepare for the next century of travelers, Hugo & Hoby was approached to build beautiful pine tables for The Wharf Restaurant - set on one of the resort's most idyllic locations. Hugo & Hoby crafted over 30 pine tables in Rhode Island from aged, 2" thick pine, weathered outdoors. These tops showcase the unique grains of the wood and match the rustic dock and water setting. The tables also provide the perfect place to enjoy a beer, eat some fresh local seafood, and bask in the beauty of the landscape over a casual, Georgia-inspired meal.