Giving Back: Our Values


From sustainably sourced lumber, to eco-friendly finishes, and paying fair wages to our local crafters, we’re doing our part to make a positive impact on our planet and our local communities.

Clean Code Commitment

Our Clean Code commitment is an ongoing initiative to transparently feature the geo-coordinates of the origin and species of the materials and individuals involved in the manufacture of each product as a unique element of design and branding.

Hugo & Hoby uses wood sourced only from mills that know specifically where their trees come from and harvest them in a way that maximize the health of the whole forest using the most modern forestry management techniques. Hugo & Hoby utilizes as much of the material in their designs as possible and our distributed supply chain means products travel hundreds, rather than thousands of miles to reach a customer, cutting down on the amount of emissions used to deliver a given product. We don’t produce anything that is not ordered (no waste), and if the material for a product is naturally exhausted they simply limit the production run as way to make every piece more valuable.

Investing in Communities

With every purchase, we replant trees in North America through our partnership with 1% For The Planet and One Tree Planted. By working with Hugo & Hoby you directly help us support East Coast manufacturing communities and ensure that your designs travel no more than a few hundred miles, start-to-finish.