B-Natural Kitchen

WhoB-Natural Kitchen

Where: New Haven, CT

What: Tables, Counters, Upholstered Seating, and Millwork

When: November, 2019

Summary: We were thrilled to work with design firm, Atelier Cho Thompson, to design and fabricate all of the custom tables, upholstered benches, and millwork for this beautiful new quick-serve restaurant in New Haven, CT. From custom CNC routed ash veneer seat backs with Maharam upholstery, to solid maple dowels on the service counter facade, custom pink powder-coated table bases, and a stunning large ash communal table, we helped create a light and airy vibe for this beautiful new lunch venue while meeting the project's budget! All designs were custom fabricated in the City of New Haven, CT - just a couple of miles down the road from the restaurant site, making this a hyper-local build. This project was also featured in Dezeen Architecture, Interiors & Design Magazine and Hospitality Design Magazine! Read more about it in the links.


Photography by Alicia Cho and Samara Vise